Price Information

All prices are impacted by five primary factors. Due to these variables, it is impossible to provide an exact price/quote without some basic information about an event. Any price/quote that is provided will be explained in detail. The factors are as follows:

  1. Number of people at an event
  2. Length of time I will be expected to be there
  3. Event type
  4. Travel expenses
  5. Amount of editing/number of photographs


Expected Prices - People-Based Photography

Expected prices below include expected post-production and travel expenses. Note: Prices could be lower or higher than the prices listed below. The time needed for post-production can often be longer than the time at the actual event.  

Wedding & Engagements: €300 and upwards

- Engagement couple photos €200-€300 (2-3 hours at event)

- At home/hotel before the wedding - €150 - €250 (2-3 hours at the event)

- Family photos, directly before and after ceremony - €50-€150 (1-2 hours at event)

- Main ceremony photos: €300 - €400 (1-2 hours at event)

- After ceremony couple photos €150-€200 (1-2 hours at event)

- Wedding afters, 3-6 hours €300 - €350 (3-6 hours at event)

- Whole day event  €500- €900 (8-12 hours at event) 

- 2-day wedding €1000 -€1600 (16-24 hours at event)


University or Charity Ball€200 - €350 (3-6 hours at event)

General social event with friends and family: €100 - €350 (1-6 hours at event)

Communion and Confirmation€150 - €300 (1-4 hours at event)

Graduations€150 - €300 (1-4 hours at event)

Portrait/Headshot: €150 - €350 (1-3 hours at event)

Live Music€200 - €350 (3-6 hours at event)


Expected Prices - Architecture-Based Photography
Costs are €120 per hour at commercial locations and €110 per hour at residential locations. 

Included in price

- Post-processing of photos

- JPEG/PNG copy of post-processed images. For RAW files please contact the photographer for more details. 

- Interior and exterior photos

Not included in price
- Travel expenses

- Use of drone (additional cost of €50 per hour)

Other important information

- Travel expense is equal to petrol cost plus travel time (€15 per hour). For example, a two-hour drive (one hour each way) from Ballincollig incurs an extra cost of €40 (€30 time + €10 petrol).

- Use of drone is only possible if located in a safe zone to do so based on local law.

- Please note that a  room will likely require 3-5 photographs per room. 

Interior Architecture Photos

Exterior Architecture photos

Use of drone photos


Expected Prices - Food-Based Photography
€80 per hour at location plus travel expenses. A minimum charge of €60 plus travel expenses is possible. 

Travel expense is equal to petrol cost plus travel time (€15 per hour). For example, a two-hour drive (one hour each way) from Ballincollig incurs an extra cost of €40 (€30 time + €10 petrol).

Please have food ready on photographer's arrivial to reduce your costs. 

Food photography album


Selection of popular images on the website


Welcome to, formally known as

Above, you can a selection of photos of mine that have been popular on this website and social media. But do dive deeper and see what you can discover. I assure you that you will not be disappointed. If you would like to know more about me, why not click here or see the information below this slideshow. Thank you. 

As of November 2018, the website has undergone many exciting changes. Since the website was launched over a year ago, many new images have been added. I am very excited about many of these new images, none more so than my trip last summer to New Orleans and my start with drone photography.

This website is an online portfolio of my photography. My work ranges from travel shots from all around Europe to nature and landscapes. Many of these images are available for purchase. On the website, there are over 200 products to choose from, for example: calendars, standard prints, metals, t-shirts, greeting cards, mugs, mousepads and much much more. To find your next purchase for yourself or someone else check-out "Photos For Purchase" above. 

This website has also given me a chance to showcase work I have done for clients over the years. This includes graduations, communions, confirmations,  live music and social events, headshots and portrait work. If you would like to hire me please get in contact by clicking the "Contact Me" button above. There, you can inquire about availability and prices. Alternatively, see the "Photos For Hire" button above and see prices within each album. I hope to make a start in real estate photography in the coming weeks and months. One thing I spent a lot of time on while making this website was to ensure that every photograph and album has a description, a historical fact or an interesting story behind it.